mercredi 5 octobre 2011

What The S Stands For

Apple is managed by some of the most brilliant people in their fields. You can see it in both technology and business! I hate to see how everyone acted like they are stupid releasing a minor update, so I'll share with you the way I see it.

I'll make it short.
Take a look at how Apple is very straight forward with naming and only giving +1 to radical releases.

The way I see it the S is a 5! like in 3 - 3.5 - 4 - 4.5 or the story telling way, it stands for Sorry (not there yet).
The S is Jobs manner of treating customers, naming products for what they really are! 0.5 step forward.

From what we saw today and from all the parts that leaked before (no they're not all wrong) there is an iPhone 5 on it's way and if I had to guess it will show up in June at WWDC. 

I would guess that the assistant feature will be a cutting edge technology.
Apple is currently listing it as "Beta" and makes it only available on the 4s. Why is that ? if it's a processor thing it should be available on the iPad 2!
My take is that as Siri has the ability to learn, Apple is testing it on limited device as beta users!

We'll see.
Apple was down 4% today kudos for who bought some stock and ... wait for it!

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