vendredi 13 août 2010

Facebook Stats for Middle East and North Africa (Finally)

Everyone knows that it's impossible very hard to find recent and real stats and numbers about social media usage in the MENA region.

So when I came through the "MENA Facebook Demographics" study realized by "Spot On", a public relation agency located in the UAE, I got all excited about it. If there is any designer out there motivated to make an infographic from this it would be great :)

Facebook users in MENA count for 15 million people divided pretty equitably between North Africa 7,704,420 and Middle East 7,286,460 : let's say 50/50 .

As shown in the map, users are mainly from the region top economic countries: 1. Egypt 2. Saudi Arabia 3. Morocco 4. Tunisia and 5. UAE.

English is the main used display language with 50%, followed by French (25%) and Arabic (23%). This can be explained by the users demographics data: education level, income level, social category, etc.

Concerning the users gender, only 37% of Facebook users in MENA are female (which is very low comparing to the US and UK +50%). 
However, Bahrain and Lebanon have the closest approach to gender equality with 44% of female users.

And finally, two interesting results about age and relationship status: 

UAE and Qatar, among with 6 other countries, have the oldest population of Facebook users. The rest of the MENA region sticks to the Occidental model with around 70% users with less than 25 years.

Because they have the oldest users population, United Arab Emirates and Qatar have also the most users with "Married" as a relationship status.

The study has a detailed page for each country and as a Moroccan, I wanted to share this one:

The full report is available on SPOT ON website (Thanks guys for bringing this data to everyone).

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  1. Interesting stats.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are very welcome ;)

    It's very usefull specially for agencies working on social media

  3. Great post! Nice to see this data coming out.

  4. Please bear in mind that these figures are based on an independent analysis and do not consist in any way an accurate depiction of what the statistics actually are.

  5. Of course those are not official Facebook numbers.

    I thought it was clear that the study was conducted by the Spot'ON team.

    Here's a quote from the methodology part of the study: "All Facebook user statistics were calculated from data taken from’s advertiser statistics between May 12th and 17th 2010."

    Thanks for the reminder :)